1.6 Gbps Precision Timing System

8-Channel, Precision Continuous Time Interval Analyzer (CTIA)

Through innovations in Continuous Time Interval Analyzer (CTIA) technology, the GuideTech Femto 2000 offers flexible, high-throughput, precision signal analysis capabilities to test high speed and timing critical devices from characterization to production test environments.

Filling the ATE Performance Gap

The Femto 2000 Multi-Site Time Instrument is a multi-channel Continuous Time Interval Analyzer (CTIA) designed to ‘fill the gap’ in ATE performance for high speed, precision timing measurements. Integration of the Femto 2000 with any ATE system extends the life of existing ATE or enhances the performance of new testers.

Ultra Fast High-Precision & Throughput Measurements

Advanced 2.3GHz bandwidth CTIA circuit design delivers up to one million direct timing measurements per second with 1ps resolution. Asynchronous parallel DSP architecture enables 1000-point measurements in less than 10ms on up to eight channels in parallel.

Minimize Switching, Simplify ATE Integration

Eight independent yet simultaneous measurement channels reduce channel switching on the test loadboard, dramatically improving test throughput and enabling multi-site parallel test. With the Femto 2000, it is easy to make mixed-signal measurements on any ATE system. The Femto 2000 comes with a C-language GPIB driver library for fast, easy integration into existing ATE test programs.

The Ideal Solution for Semiconductor ATE

Timing is everything in semiconductor manufacturing. The Femto 2000 is the ideal choice to enhance measurement capability and dramatically improve measurement speed and throughput in digital and mixed-signal test systems.


AMX 270 Active Front-end MUX

Product Specifications

Number of Channels2 to 8 (2 channels/Site)
Max Frequency800MHz
Max Data Rate1.6Gbps
Input Voltage Range- 2V to + 2.5V
Max. Voltage Swing3V
Input TypesSingle-ended or Differential (Factory Configured)
Input Impedance50 OHM
Threshold Resolution75 uV
Threshold Accuracy1mV
Input Sensitivity50mV
Dynamic Memory12MB DSP Memory per Site
Storage Memory20 GB Hard disk drive
Internal ReferenceNIST traceable precision oven oscillator
External Reference5MHz or 10MHz
User Interfaces
Front Panel DisplayWindows NT GUI
ATE GPIB InterfaceC-language function library
Arming SignalsInternal or External
Built-in CalibrationSelf-cal, extended, NIST
1000 measurements< 10ms (on 8 channels)
Measurement RateUp to 1 Million/Second
Measurement Resolution1ps (400fs hardware res.)
Jitter Noise Floor<3ps
Jitter Accuracy2ps typical
Time Interval Accuracy+/- 30ps (worst case across multiple channels)
Measurement CapabilitiesJitter test & separation
Frequency Modulation
PLL Loop Bandwidth
Time Interval
High/Low Voltage Levels
Functional Test at speed
And more...
  • 16 Channels
  • 32 Channels