SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE The GT210PCIe-40 Time Interval Counter is an improved version of the GT200-10, which is currently in use in thousands of applications ranging from satellite tracking to monitoring of atomic clocks. They include all of the functions normally found on premium counters: Time Interval, Frequency, Period, Totalize, Ratio, Time Interval Delay, and Pulse Width. Unlike many other boards of its kind, these instruments deliver worry-free results, and their inputs are high instrumentation quality, with the sensitivity and damage protection features common to all high quality counters. GuideTech’s next generation Time Interval Counters, a smaller foot-print and much more powerful instruments to address your current and future applications. With easy expansion and modular capabilities, GuideTech offers a wide range of CTIA solutions in PCI, PXI, and as an Integrated Systems. Achieve impressive performance and accuracy with GuideTech’s Time Interval Counters product line. Up to 2.7GHz with noise floor of 15ps.

GuideTech’s GT210PCIe-40 meets industrial standard chassis with an expandable platform, achieving optimal test system with optimal cost.
The ability to precisely resolve frequency and time yields both increased accuracy as well as reduced measurement time. For example, with the GT210PCIe-40 you can determine any frequency to 0.01 part per million (eight digits) in just 1 mS, and resolve each time measurement to 8pS. Couple that with 2300 measurements per second, one of the fastest rates available and you can acquire more data in a single second than a typical GPIB counter can in one minute! Faster measurements and higher resolution, along with built-in statistics functions give you a more thorough analysis of your signal. Standard deviation, peak to peak jitter, or a graph of the measurements are available at the push of a button.

System & Bench-Top – Applications

You can operate the GT210PCIe-40 counters just like conventional bench-top instruments with the standard Virtual Front Panel software which uses the power of a PC to speed and simplify data acquisition and analysis. You can view instant plots of your measurements or save them to disk without any programming.

In system applications, you can read and control the GT210PCIe-40 from a test program using a set of library functions for C, a Windows DLL, or a labVIEW driver.

GT 210PCI-2 Specifications – Input Characteristics

Channels A and B

  • Frequency range: DC to 100 MHz
  • Signal operating range: +5 V to -5 V
  • Coupling: DC
  • Impedance: Software selectable, 1 KΩ || 10pF or 50Ω
  • Auto Trigger Option

Measurement Functions

  • Frequency A or B
  • FastFrequency A or B
  • Width A or B
  • Time Interval A to B or Time Interval B to A
  • Totalize and Gated Totalize, A or B
  • Period A or B (Single Period)
  • Period A or B (Multiple Period Average)
  • Ratio A/B or B/A


Maximum Measurement Rate

  • For any PC:
    • 2300/sec for FastFrequency and all time modes
    • 1400/sec for Frequency and Period modes


  • Available on all modes, except Totalize
  • Arm setup time: Min. 40 ns before selected event

Time Base

  • Standard: 10 MHz TCXO
  • Temperature: ± 1 ppm, 0o to 50o Celsius
  • Aging: < 1 ppm/yr. or < 1×10-7/month
  • Supply voltage: < 1×10-9
  • Short term: < 2×10-10
  • External reference input
  • Arm/Oscillator input (all modes)
  • Second signal channel (in single-channel measurements)

Key Features

  • Superior capability
  • Remarkably low price
  • Exceptional resolution in time and frequency
  • Frequency: 40 pS
  • 10 digits/S in frequency (7 digits in 1 mS)
  • Matched 2.7 GHz input channels
  • Complete instrument-on-a-card
  • Easily expandable for building complete test systems
  • Easy to integrate in ATE systems


  • Fast Production Time Analysis
  • Lab / R&D Characterizations
  • Variation in Pulse Timing
  • PLLs and frequency modulation
  • Allan Variance
  • Measure jitter and skew
  • Nuclear physics
  • Radar & Ultrasonic timing
  • Optical and magnetic disk timing
  • Real Time, Time stamping