A true breakthrough in high-speed Time Measurement and test technology, GuideTech’s GT668PCI-1 leverages the power of its CTIA continuous time-stamping technology, eliminating the need for supplemental triggers, pattern markers or clock recovery circuits. GuideTech’s CTIAs enables serial interfaces pattern verification and full jitter analysis in milliseconds for fast, automated characterization and high-throughput production test on all ATE platforms, including low-cost and in-house testers. High accuracy 100MHz time base with NIST traceable calibration. Some of the GT668PCI-1 measurements include Jitter measurements, PLL & Clock Jitter,

Spread Spectrum Modulation, PLL Lock Time, Frequency, Period, Pulse Width, Skew, Tpd, Rise/Fall Time, Time Interval Error and more.

Product Benefits:

Resolution, Accuracy, and Measurement Rate:

  • Measurement table in figure 1 (see back) represents each channel. Therefore, both channels may operate alone or simultaneously.
  • Multiple boards can be calibrated for an absolute accuracy of +1nS between channels on separate boards
    Interface to the PC:
  • Memory can be read while measurements are taken, enabling continuous operation.

Service Warranty:

Full year, full service warranty for upgrades and/or repairs as needed.

Time Res. — Single Shot2 ps
Time Res. — Averaged0.9 ps
Freq. Res. (Digits/S)Up to 10
Max. Meas. Rate (MSa/S)4


Main Input Channels:

  • No. of channels: 2
  • Frequency range: DC – 2.7 GHz
  • Input impedance: 1KΩ || 10pF, or 50Ω software programmable
  • Coupling: DC, AC
  • Amplitude range: -5 V to + 8 V

External Clock and ARM Inputs:

  • Frequency Range
    • External clock: 10 MHz (+/- 100 Hz)
    • External arm: DC – 80 MHz
  • Input impedence: 1KΩ (user may install additional resistor)


  • Temperature compensated crystal oscillator:
    • Temp: 0 – 45 C +/- 10ppm
    • Aging: < 1 ppm / year