April 14, 2014

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For Immediate Release:

Mountain View CA – April 14, 2014 GuideTech won long-fought patent infringement case against Brilliant Instruments, Inc. According to the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California, Brilliant Instruments’ BI200 and BI220 are infringing multiple claims of GuideTech’s 6,226,231 Patent (‘231 Patent).

The case was initially filed in U.S. District Court in 2009 by Brilliant Instruments seeking a declaratory judgment that the Brilliant Instruments products did not infringe, despite the fact that Brilliant Instruments was founded by former Guide Technology Inc. DBA “GuideTech” employee Mr. Shalom Kattan. GuideTech first lost the case in District Court on summary judgment. GuideTech retained the counsel of the Law Offices of Einav Cohen who appealed the District Court decision and that ruling was ultimately overruled by the U.S. Court of Appeals in the Federal Circuit. The Federal Circuit ordered that the case be tried by a jury. GuideTech then retained the counsel of Mann Law Group and Whitaker Law Group, two firms based in Seattle, Washington to represent GuideTech at the trial in Oakland CA.

​“The fact is that GuideTech did not start this unfortunate litigation, and I am very unhappy that we had to divert our attention from business in order to defend our intellectual property” said GuideTech’s CEO Mr. Ron Sigura. “Litigation is not worth it; unfortunately in our case, we were left with no choice but to defend ourselves.” said Sigura. Prior to the suit, GuideTech had asked Brilliant Instruments and Kattan to meet and demonstrate that Brilliant was not infringing the patents; alternatively, GuideTech asked of Brilliant to engage in business/royalties discussion for licensing the GuideTech patents. Brilliant responded by filing this lawsuit against GuideTech.

​Damages were awarded against Brilliant instruments and in favor of GuideTech. GuideTech is pursuing a permanent injunction against Brilliant Instruments, Inc. to prevent the sale and distribution of Brilliant’s infringing products BI200 and BI220.

About GuideTech

Since 1988, GuideTech has been a leading innovator in Precision Time and Frequency Measurement Instruments delivering “TIA” and “CTIA” Continuous Time Interval Analyzer and high-precision frequency counter instruments with superior performance at over a thousand ATE installations worldwide.

​GuideTech’s high performance Computer-based Time & Frequency Instruments, GT210 “TIC” and GT668 “CTIA” are available in PCI, PCIe, PXI and PXIe bus and can scale-up to 34 channels in one PXI/PXIe chassis.

​GuideTech’s Femto-Family of multi-channel measurement products are the fastest direct timing analysis systems available with distributed “CTIA” architecture. Our products are integrated on most ATE platforms all around the world due to their ability to dramatically reduce test time while improving the quality of critical timing tests in ATE and other critical, high-precision environments.


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