The GuideTech AMX 270 is an active front-end extension of GuideTech’s Femto family of Continuous Time Interval Analyzer (CTIA) systems. The combination of the AMX 270 and the Femto greatly improves and expands precision timing measurement capability on any test platform.

Programmable SE/DF channels provide application flexibility with a single universal system configuration and improve measurement accuracy by minimizing switching on the ATE loadboard.

The AMX 270 “CTIA” architecture improves accuracy by bringing 32 channels of critical front-end input circuitry of GuideTech’s Femto Continuous Time Interval Analyzer (CTIA) systems up close to the device under test.

16 to 32 Channels of Precision Timing Measurement

The fast ECL multiplexer of the AMX 270 expands the input capacity of Femto timing measurement systems to up to 32 channels while still maintaining the Femto’s high throughput for cost-sensitive test applications.

SE/DF Measurement Flexibility & Simple Loadboards

The AMX 270 supports any combination of single-ended (SE) and differential (DF) measurements with a single system configuration. The universal flexibility of the AMX 270 is achieved by innovative input circuit design that allows users to programmably switch between SE and DF measurements with programmable input termination at run-time. These 32 fully-flexible SE/DF channels simplify loadboard layout and also minimize switching-related signal degradation due to loadboard impedance mismatching.

Precise Timing Measurements on Any ATE System

The “distributed CTIA” architecture of the AMX 270 separates the critical front-end input circuits from the Femto CTIA system, bringing them up to the ATE testhead, close to the device under test. The 2.7GHz analog input bandwidth of the AMX 270 coupled with short, high-bandwidth connections to the loadboard minimize device output loading and ensure the minimum signal degradation of low-voltage, high-frequency devices.

The Ideal Solution for Any test Application

Timing is everything in semiconductor manufacturing test. Time-to-Market. Time-to-Volume. Time-to-Profit. Timing test accuracy. Test time. At GuideTech, we understand timing. With timing in mind, GuideTech designed the AMX 270 solution for the Femto CTIA systems to enhance precision timing measurement capability on an increased number of channels. The AMX 270/Femto solution easily integrates onto any digital or mixed-signal ATE platform to dramatically improve measurement accuracy, speed and throughput and to get you to market/volume/profit on time and within budget.

Product Specifications

Number of Channels16 or 32
Number of Arm Inputs:12 or 4
Analog Input Bandwidth2.7GHz
Max Data Rate3.2Gbps (GT4000)
1.6Gbps (Femto 2000)
Max Frequency2GHz (GT4000)
800MHz (Femto 2000)
Jitter Noise Floor< 2.5ps (2ps typical)
Input Operating Range-2V to +3.5V
Input TypesSingle-ended and Differential (programmable at run-time)
Input Termination50 Ohms to programmable Vterm
Vterm Range-2V to +3.5V
Input Threshold Range-2V to +3.5V
Threshold Resolution100 uV
Threshold Accuracy1mV
Input Sensitivity:250mVpp < 500MHz
75mVpp > 500 MHz
Built-in Self CalibrationFor 5 degree temp change or on power up
NIST Calibration6 months on-site or factory

1 Signal channels can also be used as additional arm inputs

2 4ft cable; loss < 1 dB/ft