4 channel, 3.2Gbps Precision Timing & Jitter Measurement System

Break Test Cost Barriers on any Test Platform:

  • Clocks & Buffers (Frequency, Jitter, & Skew)
  • DVD Laser Drivers (Fast R/W Linearity Test)
  • TV Tuners (Fast VCO Trimming)
  • Digital Power Controllers (Spread Spectrum)
  • WiFi LAN (High-Speed Serial Interface Test)
  • CMOS Imaging Sensors (High-Speed Serial Interface Test)
  • Cell Phones (High Performance PLLs)
  • Microcontrollers, and more

A true breakthrough in high-speed, asynchronous and serial interface test technology the GuideTech GT4000 leverages the power of CTIA continuous time-stamping technology to eliminate the need for supplemental triggers, pattern markers or clock recovery circuits. GuideTech CTIAs enable serial interface pattern verification and full jitter analysis in milliseconds for fast, automated characterization or high-throughput production test on any ATE platform, including low-cost and in-house testers.

Test Non-Deterministic and Asynchronous Signals with no Triggering Hassle

  • Eliminate the challenges and throughput hit of digital search routines, physical pattern markers or clock recovery circuits with GuideTech’s CTIA “Virtual Marker” time-stamping architecture
  • Verify PRBS or custom test patterns with complete jitter analysis on serial interfaces like LVDS and PCI Express without pattern markers or clock recovery circuits
  • Test PLL lock-time and Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation in one shot

Achieve Extremely High Throughput

  • Decompose jitter on clocks, PLLs or high-speed serial interfaces in milliseconds, not minutes or hours
  • Trim VCOs or verify laser driver linearity quickly with fast, multi-block measurement capability
  • Test multiple devices in parallel on 8 independent measurement channels

Enjoy Unsurpassed Repeatability

  • Ensure Random Jitter (RJ) results are immune to data dependent jitter (DDJ) and periodic jitter (PJ) effects
  • Avoid error-prone statistical curve-fit analysis methods
  • Isolate DDJ on a per-edge basis with picosecond repeatability and good correlation with industry standard characterization instruments like scopes and BERTs

Automate High Channel Count, Parallel Test on any Tester Platform

Program with simple C-language test functions installed on a UNIX, Linux or PC-based test system. Control up to 64 single-ended / 32 differential inputs multiplexed to 2 to 8 measurement channels on any in-house or ATE platform

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Key Specifications

  • 3.2Gbps Max Input Data Rate
  • 16 to 64 inputs (multiplexed to 2 to 8 parallel CTIA measurement channels)

Measurement Functions:

SerDes Jitter Decomposition (RJ, DDJ, PJ, TJ) & Non-Deterministic Functional Pattern Verification PLL & Clock Jitter, Spread Spectrum Modulation, Phase Noise, PLL Lock Time Frequency, Period, Pulse Width, Skew, Rise/Fall, Time Interval Error